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    Machine embroidery techniques

    Original text by Marina Belova 

    Have you ever considered what exactly can you do on the embroidery machine? What can one do, which techniques and devices are known to us? After you begin to systematize your knowledge, you find out that machine embroidery has manifold possibilities. One cannot overlook that. 

    So, here is the classification of machine embroidery (the one that can be digitized), how I see it: 

    1. Ordinary machine embroidery — the embroidery without using any special devices or techniques: 

    • Sole-colored embroidery — it has lots of varieties, from the cross stitch and to the redwork
    • Multi-colored embroidery — from the simplest one to the cross stitch and color blends.

    2. Employing a variety of embroidery techniques and with the help of our consumable materials

    3. The kind of embroidery that requires extra machine embroidery devices or even the embroidery machines of special variety: 

    I would also add the possibility of embroidering on caps, socks, pockets, ribbons and other ready garments with the help of additional devices. 

    • Embroidery with beads — requires a special machine 

    Not so little as one might think. And that not to speak of the possibility of applying all the techniques on various fabrics. So there's a lot that could be done in terms of digitizing and technique. You can see the machine embroidered garments, kindly donated by our visitors, executed in various techniques in our Gallery and shop

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