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I got some freehand drawing design and want to digitize them. When I started to digitize it, I am getting too many colors. This is making havoc in decent designing. I had tried 2-50 numbers with freehand (by black marker) etc. but nothing is working greatly. I also tried color pencils. Is there is any way out? I also got PES format design but I am using JEF format. I am also trying to convert this.

However, I cannot convert them.

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Is that old version? I used it quite long ago.  Do not go with auto digitizing with this Digitizer 10000 version. Auto designing is for BMP images (including JPG) without color graduations. You should go for manual digitizing tools. I also do not have any manual video for this Digitizer 10000 version. No worries! 

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Hey! you need full digitizing tools in order to digitize. Customizer is somehow narrow. Scanned artwork (unless scanned at a high resolution) won’t fit into auto digitized. Artwork should be clean to use it and it is applicable to all digitizing software (doing auto digitize). Go to manual digitizing. Although it is hard to learn initially, it is probably the excellent options for you.

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