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  1. With machine embroidery to order your clothes will be exclusive. Do not believe me? And you try. Find this design Umbrella barcode free machine embroidery design
  2. Embroidery on clothes every day is becoming more popular. Clothing decorated with bright and original embroidery looks attractive and interesting. Find this design Cat like read book free machine embroidery design
  3. This picture shows good example how interesting embroidery sample can transform ordinary dark sweater into stylish clothing. Author of this work piece Sabeha Robinson used Crescent and dove free machine embroidery design to decorate this cool thing. Light colors which are traditionally used for moon and doves look especially bright on dark background of this comfortable knitted fabric.
  4. Christmas is time when all people love to wear thematic clothing. But at same time it should be warm enough because it is winter. So it is so cool when these both conditions are at the same thing! You can see it on this photo: it is pretty pullover decorated by funny Christmas sloth free embroidery design. Let it snow!
  5. General Information When using the charts included in this document, the measurements are based on the following places to measure. (A) is the distance from the shoulder seem wear it meets the collar, down to the middle of the design. (B) is over from the center of the garment, if it has a zipper or buttons it should be measured from their. All measurements are in imperial system ( inches ) Recommended standard designs for a left chest should be around 2.25 inches high by 4.5 inches wide. Shirts with Pockets When working on garments that have pockets you may want to ignore the normal way of measuring as the design may not look appropriate. I center the design above the pocket usually about .5 inch and limit the design to a maximum of 2 high if not it will look to high on the shirt. Center it with the button hole on the shirt. When referring to the documentation its noted on the gender as this will impact the placement, typically its 5-7” (women) 6-9” (men) and 4-5” from the center. ( A ) DOWN ( B ) ACROSS Men S 6” 4” Men M 6” 4” Men L 6 1/2” 4 1/2” Men XL 7” 5” MenXXL 7” 5” Ladies S 5” 4” Ladies M 5” 4” Ladies L 5 1/2” 4 1/2” Ladies XL 6” 5” Ladies XXL 6” 5” Crew Cut Sweaters or T-Shirts There is two places to sew designs on sweaters or T-Shirts, left chest or center of the chest. ( A ) DOWN ( B ) ACROSS Men S 6” 4” Men M 6” 4” Men L 6 1/2” 4 1/2” Men XL 7” 5” Men XXL 7” 5” Ladies S 5” 4” Ladies M 5” 4” Ladies L 5 1/2” 4 1/2” Ladies XL 6” 5” Ladies XXL 6” 5” Center The center of the design should be parallel to where the bottom of the sleeves on tight fitted sleeves, on larger or loose sleeves the design should be 2” above the bottom of the sleeve. Hoodies When placing a design on the back , remember to adjust the designs location so the hood doesn't hide it. but on the front you can measure. ( A ) DOWN ( B ) ACROSS Men S 6” 4” Men M 6” 4” Men L 6 1/2” 4 1/2” Men XL 7” 5” Men XXL 7” 5” Ladies S 5” 4” Ladies M 5” 4” Ladies L 5 1/2” 4 1/2” Ladies XL 6” 5” Ladies XXL 6” 5” Center The center of the design should be parallel to where the bottom of the sleeves on tight fitted sleeves, on larger or loose sleeves the design should be 2” above the bottom of the sleeveю Jackets When placing design on jackets take time to look for garments that have the embroidery pocket , it allows for most designs to be embroidered on left or right side. Looks professional when completed, and less chance of the hoop popping off and or hitting a zipper. ( A ) DOWN ( B ) ACROSS Men S 6” 4” Men M 6” 4” Men L 6 1/2” 4 1/2” Men XL 7” 5” Men XXL 7” 5” Ladies S 5” 4” Ladies M 5” 4” Ladies L 5 1/2” 4 1/2” Ladies XL 6” 5” Ladies XXL 6” 5” General rule for jacket backs When working on jackets you will need to also know where to place some larger designs on the back. This will depend on a few variables. Partial back 6 x 10” design 4” down Full back 10 x 10” design 3” down Caps When working with caps you should make sure that the design has been made to stitch from the center out, designs that haven't been digitized for this will often push off of center. Except when you get customer that want them off center. Depending on the type and size of your cap frame will depend on how large your designs can be, it also will depend on the cap your using. Average designs are 2.5" H and 4.5" W When embroidering logo on the back try to curve them to match the back curve of the cap, use a regular hoop for hooping. The Design should be 1.5" H x 3." W they can be large if the cap supports them.& Special Materials When working on any special materials there is no set rules on where you can place it, however you have to be able to hoop it, I often sew on the front side of a hoodies 1 inch in, I use the Hoop tech clamping system which allows me to clamp very hard to hoop items including some of the following bags, towels and carpets straps and many other items. When sewing on bags you will need another method for clamping them. Here are some locations where you might sew some designs. Typically I make the design , 3.5” W x 4” H but it can be longer if the logo fits..but try to center it to the best of your ability. If you would like to use the software to see if the design will fit , you have the option of viewing hoops in your software. In here you can pick the different styles of hoops.
  6. On this picture you may see general plan of embroidered sweater for girl who loves cartoons. It is decorated by funny Elephant with teddy bear embroidery design. This ample shows baby elephant with its favorite Teddy bear toy executed in animation style. They look very cute together. At same time due to pastel color scheme of clothing it looks very calm and appropriate to wear anywhere.
  7. Just look at this cool set! Each girl will be in center of her friends’ attention wearing it. Author took usual sport clothing bought in ordinary shop and transformed it into bright and unique things! Each item is decorated with Two hearts free embroidery design. For jacket it used twice. The only difference between them is color of curves creating silhouette of hearts.
  8. There is original sweater with convenient hood with ties. It has usual youth style and calm color scheme. But it is not ordinary clothing: it is true godsend for fans of popular movie Game of Thrones. You need just three colors of threads to make House Targaryen logo embroidery design on your own clothing or textile accessories. You also can use it for decoration of your home.
  9. This is convenient woman’s jacket executed from practical knitted fabric. It has simple basic design but it doesn’t look boring at all. Just look at its back side! It is decorated with bright Modern Fairy Autumn Dream embroidery design. It is portrait of beautiful redhead woman with amazing bouquet in her hands. As any fairy she has pair of transparent wings behind her back.

    © Denisov embroidery studio

  10. Embroidery helps transform ordinary clothing into an interesting and unique product. Allow yourself to be not like everyone else. Buy this design here: Zombie embroidery design
  11. One of the easiest ways to make your wardrobe unique and diverse – is machine embroidery. Thanks to machine embroidery you can add interesting elements of everyday clothes or to create a festive outfit. It all depends on your desires and fantasies. Find this design here: Spring is always in the heart free embroidery design.
  12. There is the nice example of youth style in the clothing which reflects not only in free silhouette of this pretty green hoodie but also in the choice of embroidery sample for its decoration. Stylish pug-dog machine embroidery design is definitely one of the best options for this clothing. It is the bright and unusual accent of its front part which makes it unique and serves at the color accent at the same time.
  13. Machine embroidery is ideal for restoring clothes. Spots or small holes are not a problem for machine embroidery, thanks to which, your clothes will again be like new. Buy this design Shifu embroidery design
  14. This is pretty girl’s jacket executed from dense knitted fabric. It is likely that it is her favorite clothing: it has bright shade and convenient hood to wear when windy. But its main highlight is embroidery made in its back side. It is based on Making snowman embroidery design. It is scenery from popular animation film about Frozen sisters. Author: Kelly Westbrook
  15. This is the youth hoodie of calm light grey color which is executed in free style. It seems to be equally suitable both for boy and girl. But we used Dream Girl free embroidery design to make it not just comfortable and convenient but also unique and memorable. This portrait of young girl with gorgeous hair made from her back look very naturally in the front part of this sweatshirt.
  16. If you like the game Minecraft, this embroidery design is specially designed for you. Bring a little piece of your favorite game in real life. Buy this design here: Minecraft Creeper in your door embroidery design
  17. This is the nice sweatshirt of gentle blue shade. Its pastel background is added with the pretty sample based on Hello summer machine embroidery design. The author chose red thread for the frame of the dog’s glasses so this picture becomes the color accent for the clothing. The asymmetrical position of embroidery sample on the surface of the hoodie makes this clothing unusual and stylish. It can be the part of wardrobe of any trendy person.
  18. This picture shows the back side of nice hoodie executed in youth style by Irina Bogard. It has intensive violet color which serves as an excellent background for embroidered image and inscription at the bottom part. The picture is made on the base of It is the head of a bit sad little dog with huge ears. It wears beret and neckerchief so its manner to dress reminds French.
  19. It is the front part of nice hoodie in free style. It has the beautiful intensive violet color. Its unusual design made by Irina Bogard is underlined by small but expressive embroidery sample on the left part of the chest. Fleur-de-lis machine embroidery design seems to be drawn by the color pencil. The color scheme created by the background and embroidered picture is based on the contrast of the shades used for this clothing.
  20. This is nice knitted hoodie with grayscale stripes in youth style. It is decorated with suitable sample. It is Rose of winds free embroidery design. This picture is executed with quite light thread so it looks subtle but noticeable at same time. Note one more little detail on hood of this clothing: there are geographical coordinates which are often used on sea maps. Together these elements create well elaborated look.
  21. This picture is close up plan of back side of pretty jacket executed especially for one teenage girl. Of your child is also fan of well known animation movie about frozen sisters you may use this idea too. With our Frozen sisters 3 embroidery design you can create really favorite work piece with beloved characters. It is quite easy way to please you daughter or son!
  22. Look at this picture. It is good example of how to transform ordinary clothing for teenagers with simple design into cool and original hoodie with unique embroidery on back. Author used Frozen sisters 3 embroidery design for this work piece. If your child also is fan of this well known animation movie you can use this trick to make any clothing favorite for her or him.
  23. Feel like a designer. You can choose embroidery design independently, to decorate your clothes. Buy the design Making snowman embroidery design
  24. Kids love when their clothes are embroidered with the characters from the cartoon. Visit our website and there you will find a huge collection dedicated to cartoons. Buy the design Frozen sisters embroidery design
  25. Hoodie happy Olaf will give you warmth and good humor. Buy the design Happy Olaf embroidery design
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