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Found 42 results

  1. Embroidered women's winter jacket adorned with a free machine embroidery design. An original hand-made thing. Download this Panther free embroidery design
  2. Black panther in the night, embroidered with white thread. Well, is not it original? This beautiful and slightly wild design looks great on the waistcoat, but I think it will look great on other kinds of clothes too. Find this design here: Panther in the night free machine embroidery design.
  3. This is the back side of nice jeans jacket. It may seem quite usual in general, but it has the very special detail right at the center of the back. It is pretty — the silhouette of the elephant which raised its trunk to trumpet a victorious cry. Its body is composed from the flowers executed in typically jeans color scheme. This solution makes the picture look very organic on this clothing.
  4. ekatreina

    Embroidered jacket rapid dog.jpg

    This is convenient knitted jacket which is very necessary at cool evening or gloomy day. It will not just warm its owner but also raise his or her mood because of nice design. It used beautiful color scheme and Wolf spirit embroidery design. It is stylized portrait of severe and purposeful animal going somewhere in swirls of wild wind around it.
  5. ekatreina

    Embroidered jeans jacket wise owl

    This is interesting jeans jacket which differs so much from clothes of traditional style. It has flared sleeves, one piece cut and no zip. But its main highlight is Tribal owl machine embroidery design. Author used this embroidery sample some times in different color schemes and places. This work piece has owls on chest, sleeves and even on back side.
  6. ekatreina

    Embroidered jacket wise owl

    This is nice jeans jacket which became true unique and original work piece due to Tribal owl machine embroidery design. This embroidery sample perfectly combines with interesting cat and color scheme of clothing. It also fits it by form and size. Please pay your attention on creative approach to used scheme: author throw away branch where owl was sitting on original image.
  7. ekatreina

    Embroidered jacket cat and kitty

    This is original jeans jacket which looks like work of the famous couturier. It has beautiful shade and huge embroidery in its back. It is Cat and kitty cat sphynx machine embroidery design. This is touching scene from life of these extraordinary cats. They show their love to each other as each mom and child. Color scheme of this picture is very suitable for jacket’s background.
  8. This collage picture shows some interesting options of usage of Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. Here you may see how it looks at the nice soft jacket for baby and pretty white terry towel. This is the picture of cute little bear with the huge bouquet of blue and pink forest flowers. The bright colors of this pretty image in cartoon style are underlined by the snowy white color of background.
  9. This is the nice practical jacket which could be a bit boring without the picture of sleeping girl on its back. Fashionable sleeping girl machine embroidery design is the woman’s portrait in profile shows the head decorated with many splendid flowers of beautiful shades. The picture is placed on the back of the jacket so it creates the effect of surprise for the people who see this clothing at first time.
  10. A fleece jacket is an indispensable thing in any wardrobe. This is practical and comfortable clothing. And thanks to embroidery such a jacket can become the most favorite, because as an embroidery you can choose design with your favorite animal, for example a horse, as in this variant. Find this design here: Horse heart free embroidery design.
  11. This usual jeans jacket becomes the spectacular clothing with Mosaic horse machine embroidery design. The head of the horse with fluffy mane flying on the wild wind is made in special manner: it seems to be composed from many color pieces creating the whole image. Due to this splendid picture on the back this jacket looks like haute couture clothing. But it requires much accuracy while making this work piece.
  12. ekatreina

    Embroidered shirt with horse heart

    This is unusual woman’s shirt which looks quite eclectic because of the usage of some different techniques for its decoration. Its style and color are very modest but the shirt is added by application with animal print on the cuffs and sequins in front and back sides. But its main highlight is definitely Horse heart free machine embroidery design on the back. This figure of the horse has the silhouette reminding the form of heart. It is executed in quite calm colors but completed by bright red roses.
  13. This is the cool jeans jacket which shows that its owner is true extraordinary person. Its back is decorated by Abstract cat photo stitch free machine embroidery design executed in huge size which covers almost all surface of the back side of the jacket. The colorful picture is made in the manner which reminds the work pieces of Picasso. But at the same time this unusual sample is definitely the face of cat and nothing else.
  14. This is the simple jeans jacket with special design for sophisticated girl. On the back side of this clothing you may see the stylized portrait of young lady made in different shades of red and pink color. This picture shows her face with closed eyes which is covered by many butterflies. Tribal Lady machine embroidery design is the small but expressive detail of this clothing which makes it truly unique.
  15. This is the close up plan of the back side of jeans jacket decorated by very interesting embroidery sample. Tribal Lady machine embroidery design is the portrait of young woman with closed eyes. Her face attracted many beautiful red butterflies as magic flower with pleasant aroma. The main lines if this embroidered image are made with the thread of gentle pink color which underlines the youth and beauty of the girl.
  16. ekatreina

    Embroidered jacket flower skull

    This is the trendy jeans jacket made of the fabric of dark blue color. Its back side is decorated with small but expressive detail which shows that its owner is an extraordinary person. Skull with peony mask embroidery design is the interesting and a bit frightening image of the human skull with the splendid flower in its right eye. The main color of this embroidery sample perfectly fits the shade of thread used for seams of the jacket.
  17. This is the close up plan of the back side of jeans jacket embellished by the unusual embroidery sample. Its basis is Skull with peony mask embroidery design which is executed in extraordinary color scheme. Instead of usual white color of the bones the author of this work piece chose black thread for making this embroidered skull. The result is incredible impression of ancient artifact decorating the simple and convenient casual jeans jacket.
  18. ekatreina

    Embroidered jacket Horse heart

    This picture shows the back side of fashionable jacket of calm deep grey color. It may looks quite boring without Horse heart free machine embroidery design. But this picture makes it unique and stylish clothing for the person with extraordinary taste. It is the figure of the horse in unusual posture which reminds the heart. It is added by splendid red flowers and surrounded by original frame made of shiny rhinestones.
  19. Here is the back side of original jeans jacket which can be the most interesting part of this clothing. The top of the back is decorated by Horse heart free machine embroidery design. The figure of the horse is shown from unusual perspective: the mane on its head and its tail make the silhouette of the heart. This embroidered picture is added with some beautiful red flowers and bright rhinestones.
  20. ekatreina

    Embroidered jacket Horse heart

    This picture perfectly shows how some handmade elements can transform ordinary clothing to a unique thing. Here you may see the back side of comfortable woman’s jacket of practical light grey color. It was quite boring before it was decorated with Horse heart embroidery design. Due to this picture added by beautiful red flowers near its head and some shiny stones this clothing become unique stylish jacket with very interesting design.
  21. This nice embroidered jacket shows how important is the choice of background for decoration of clothing. There is the nice picture based on the scheme of Horse heart embroidery design. Due to the dark background it looks very expressive. More details which underlines the beauty of this embroidery sample is the original frame executed from some shiny stones and splendid red flowers near the head of this nice grey horse.
  22. This picture shows the unusual combination of beautiful embroidery sample which was executed in the rough background of dark blue jeans. This brutal surface underlines the hidden sense of Horse heart embroidery design. This is the picture of pretty horse of light grey color. Its pose makes it looks like the heart. The picture is added by some splendid red roses at its mane and original frame made of shiny stones.
  23. On this picture you see the woman’s jacket of beautiful blue marine color which looks very unusually due to some interesting details. The most important of them is definitely Horse heart embroidery design: it is the picture of the horse which looks like the heart because of its special pose. This embroidered picture is added with the curves made of shiny stones and pieces of original fabric with leo print at the neck and sleeves.
  24. This is the pretty white jacket for little baby executed from fluffy gentle fabric. It is cute itself but it became even more nice due to Bear with pink flower machine embroidery design on the left side of the chest. There is the embroidered small bear which holds pink flower in its paws. Due to the texture of background it seems to be sitting at the white soft snow around it.
  25. When you look on this woman’s jacket from the front side you can’t note any interesting in it. All the interesting details are at the back. Firstly it is Horse heart embroidery design which is the beautiful picture with double sense. It is added by the images of red roses and unusual frame executed from shiny stones. Finally the neck and sleeves of the jacket are decorated with fabric with natural print.