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Brother SE400 - a Cheapest Option for any Newbie, but will it stitch beautifully?

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The cheapeast model I got is the Brother SE400, 


but am concerned about the quality of stitching,  will it make school logos on the shirts... I am thinking to upgradeit  in future...


The next option is famous pe770 - apart from bigger hoops as well as more functionality, will the stitching quality be better?


Please help me in the right direction!


Thank you in advance!

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I guess such type of stitching can be done beautifully on pe770, right?


 Thank you! But My only concern with  the Janome (other than the price) is that janome format does not seem commonly used, and I can not afford a Janome digitizer... I have a copy of PE-Design


Much appreciated....

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I had SE400 bought it 18 months ago. It did wonderful embroidery but has plastic gears. It did not hold up to great-grandmother's sewing. I now have NV1250D,  My first question to dealer was whether it had metal gears? If you want do repetitive embroideries, then  you will be disappointed.

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For 10000 usd , you can buy only USED Tajima embroidery machine, no new. Also Tajima machine not have to much additional accessorizes, need buy hoops, also need pay for start service.. These ll not cheap. If you beginner need look SWF  or Chinese embroidery machine (not scary -real good options included)  

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