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I've been doing freehand drawing designs but now want to do digitizing of them. When I jump to digitize there I get many colors.  if I decrease the color then I can't get any decent design. I've tried many different numbers ( from 2 up to 50), also tried freehand with black marker for a consistency, and tried colored pencils. But Nothing works. so is there any trick? Also, I've a design ina  PES format however I make use of JEF format. Is there some way to convert the formats? 


Thank you


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Ohh, it has been so long that I used this version, but anyway. 


Firstly do not auto digitise with the Digitiser 10000. Auto digitising is used with an extremely clean kind of  BMP images ( that includes jpg) without colour garduations. You need to use manual digitising tools, but unfortunately I do not have any videos related to Digitiser 10000 therefore I  cant upload any to the you tube.

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Thank you for the info. I've had the machine for few years but never utilized all neat things becauseof no idea at all. I did a falcon free hand. I saved it as I use it often. Then It was an old-time popcorn box with movie reel . It was toug but Came out cool. Thank you  for your help.

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Same problems here with the 350e and customizer 11000. I thought I was supposed to be able to scan in a logo from like a business card, and be able to get a clean outline to digitize it when I purchased this. No matter what settings, it looks like a tile mosaic drawing and takes forever to clean if possible at all. Granee, did you get anywhere with any advice? I have been back to the store where I purchased all, and nobody knows how to digitize their own designs. They sold me a $40 cd from canada that was supposed to have the answers, but it didnt have any digitizing information at all on it.

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 Digitizer 10000 hasn't been sold, since the newer versions came out - I wouldn't recommend buying from anyone other than a dealer either as someone might just be trying to get a few bucks our of software they have updated and the dongle wouldn't work and then you'd be out what you paid them. 

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I still prefer to do sample sewouts for clients - although it is often to only photograph and show on an e-mail with the design I'm sending. I then keep my sample as a portfolio of my digitizing. I'm also only involved with embroiderers in our local area, so I am not talking of that many designs.
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