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Help with mesh cut away and bobbin thread problem

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I am trying to embroider a company logo on zippered hoodie jackets.


Stitch count is 12400 are of stitching is 4" x 3". Mainly satin lettering with a small 1" square in corner.


I have tried with a mesh cut away but bobbin thread is pulling up thru design.


I have one jacket now that is for getting this set up correctly.


I have cleaned machine, oiled, 3 different bobbins. Adjusted tensions on bobbin and needles... tried everything. I have tried mesh on back with solvy on front.. it still looks awful..


Could someone please give me some input.


Thank you in advance for any wise wisdom you wish to pass on!

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Thanks.. that is what I was using.. and bobbin thread started showing on top.Not sure what is going on... only had machine 6 months.. first issue..and boy is it a good one.. I have "played" with tension.. Figured since I already ruined the one jacket I would just use it for my trials. Lettering is in black.. and looks grey because of the bobbin thread. I was hoping it was just the stabilizer..l guess not.

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I have used black embroidery thread in my bobbin. This was before I got my bobbin thread supplies. it worked just fine. the other trick was permanent black marking pen. I can't think of the brand at the moment, but back in the early days I used all these tricks to colour the white bobbin thread when it was showing through.

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Another thing to think about - slow the machine right down (if you have variable speed).

Also - does the design stitch out ok on 'ordinary' fabric (ie not stretchy?) - it may be the design is the problem.

If that is the case, perhaps you could do it as an applique, so that you only stitch a satin stitch border on the jacket fabric. 

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Are you using a fusible or non fusible No Show Mesh cut away stabilizer?


You could try using 2 layers of the No Show Mesh stabilizer as that will hold more stitches.


One layer of the No Show Mesh stabilizer will hold around 8,000 stitches.

If it is the No Show Diagonal Mesh stabilizer it will hold around 12,000 stitches per layer depending on the type of stitches.

2 layers will support twice as many stitches.

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And you could float a layer of medium tear away under the hoop when you start stitching and this will help with design registration.


And use a layer of solvy on top of the item too.


Are you using a Ball point embroidery needle size 75/11 or 80/12 as you are stitching on a knit type fabric?

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One more thing I would like to add is to always test out the designs on sample fabric before putting a design on item that you want to embroider on. I have and know others have as well made this mistake many times before it sunk in the importance of this single yet most important step. On your sample swatches write down what needle, stabilizer or stabilizers used, and thread tensions for each swatch. Keep these for future reference when embroidering on similar fabric. When you do a test swatch of the design, use the sample swatch that produced the best results from a precious test. 

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As it looks like you've done a lot of embroidery I'll ask you and when I can get the time put it in practice. I was embroidering on satin Ltwt satin and I had lots of puckers....so I done embroidery on satin--can't remember the size of the needle but it whatever they said I did. Used the sticky stabilizer they said to use Still got puckers not as many but still got puckers. Then I tried floating med wt stabilizer on the bottom.... still have a few puckers around the design. Have you embroidered on satin and if so what did you do. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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