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How do I hoop bulky items like rain boots, a clutch purse, backpack..

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I am running a Melco amaya Xt. i have successfully figured out the software and how to hoop simple item such as shirts. Now the tricky orders have started to be presented and im in need of guidance. i need to be able to "hoop" item such as a clutch purse, a hand bag, a backpack, a rain jacket hood, a pocket of a tshirt, and especially beanies. Of course these items will not be hooped in a standard 9 12 15 or 18 hoop. 
I have spent countless hours on youtube as well as google and the forums but i just dont have the right answer. 
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A set of fast frames would probably be a good investment for you. Fast frames are easy to work with and can be used for a variety of items such as bags, sleeves and hats. Personally I don't accept customer provided items because hooping can be tricky, I don't want to ruin anyone's personal item and its hard to charge for the extra involved when embroidering individual odd pieces. Many people love the clamps but you'll have to embroider a lot of items to justify that investment. 

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Thank you!! I actually just found a video on youtube showing one. I believe I will be ok purchasing the small one being the only large frame embroidery i plan on doing is large cloth bags or polo shirts. What do you think?



only have the small one...I haven't ran into too many times when I wanted a larger one. For a larger spot, check into the magnetic mighty hoops. And I hoped someone would be suggesting the fast frames... 

Good luck
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