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  1. Unveil the Beauty of the Girl's Back Embroidery Design on a Rolled-Up Bag Embroidery designs for machine work offer an incredible opportunity to make your creations stand out. With the Girl's Back design, you can achieve a distinctive style that lends an artistic flair to your projects. The Allure of the Girl's Back Design The Girl's Back embroidery design showcases a beautiful piece of art. Depicting the back of a woman, this design carries a sense of mystery and elegance. The design's abstract nature makes it an intriguing visual element, transforming an ordinary rolled-up bag into a unique art piece. Adaptable to Various Items The Girl's Back design's versatility allows it to be incorporated into various items. You can enhance jackets, cushions, tote bags, and even wall hangings with this design. It's not merely an embroidery design; it's a creative tool that allows you to make your style statement. Perfect for Embroidery Enthusiasts of All Levels The Girl's Back design is designed to be compatible with any embroidery machine. The design is user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced embroiderers alike. With an easy-to-download design, you can start creating your masterpiece in no time. In conclusion, the Girl's Back design is more than just a pattern. It's an artistic expression that adds depth and intrigue to any item it adorns. Its unique style and adaptability make it an invaluable addition to your collection of embroidery designs. Take your textile artistry to the next level with the captivating Girl's Back design.
  2. Elevate Your Style with the Girls Back Embroidery Design In the world of embroidery designs for machines, the Girls Back design truly stands out. Its intricate detail and striking visuals make it an exceptional choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their items. A Unique Design for Your Bag One of the most exciting aspects of machine embroidery is how it allows you to breathe new life into everyday items. With the Girls Back design, you can transform an ordinary bag into an extraordinary accessory. The design, which features a girl's back adorned with delicate details, adds a touch of elegance that can elevate any bag from simple to stunning. Show off Your Creative Flair The Girls Back design is not just for bags. It's versatile enough to be used on a wide range of items. From clothing to home decor, this design will enable you to showcase your creative flair in various ways. Why not try it on a pillowcase or a denim jacket? The possibilities are endless! Easy to Use with Your Embroidery Machine This design is ideal for those who have an embroidery machine. It's easy to download and use, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced embroiderers. Whether you're new to machine embroidery or a seasoned pro, you'll find that the Girls Back design is a delightful addition to your collection of embroidery machine designs. In conclusion, the Girls Back design is a must-have for anyone who loves machine embroidery. It's versatile, elegant, and easy to use. Whether you want to upgrade your bag or create unique items, this design is sure to impress.
  3. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 5.07 x 6.52'
  4. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 7.20 x 4.33'
  5. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Embroidery with heroes of comics and anime is very popular among the sub-tribunes. Jacket or T-shirt with embroidered characters will be an absolute hit among the gift. A girl from Japanese comics will decorate a pillow of a young lover of oriental art. Size: 5.46 x 11.80'
  6. There is the soft terry towel of gentle blue shade definitely designed for the little owner. So Teddy bear I dressed myself machine embroidery design is used for decoration of this textile accessory. The figure of little bear made with grey and blue colors is perfectly goes with the main background of towel. It is also added by the memorable inscription devoted to the little addressee of this pleasant gift.
  7. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Large beautiful design will decorate the sofa cushion or tablecloth for the holidays. Difficult embroidery from the real master. Size 1: 4.68 x 7.04' Size 2: 5.2 x 7.84' Size 2: 5.98 x 9.02' Size 4: 7.86 x 11.87'
  8. This picture is close up plan of original embroidery sample in oriental style. It is picture showing back of pretty young girl. She is trying to make simple hair dress using wooden pin. Her back is embellished by original tattoo. It is Chinese carp of calm color scheme reminding shades of sea. This embroidery sample is Woman with pin free embroidery design.
  9. If you want to give something from clothes, but that it does not look somehow simple and trivial, you can embroider any thematic picture or coat of arms with initials on it. Buy this design Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  10. I stitched out this lovely lady a few years ago, She is hanging in my bed room. I don't know how i did it but it turned out lovely. I have been looking for my color sheet but will have to figure out the colors for her face from new. Available here Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  11. When you look at this the embroidery there is a desire to eat, the aroma of food in the air. So all that remains for me to wish you bon appetite. Buy the design Hello Kitty Loves Chinese Food embroidery design
  12. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 12.63 x 11.62' Author: Setka
  13. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 2.65 x 3.25'
  14. View File Santa Claus in winter forest free embroidery design Large beautiful design will decorate the sofa cushion or tablecloth for the holidays. Difficult embroidery from the real master. Size 1: 4.68 x 7.04' Size 2: 5.2 x 7.84' Size 2: 5.98 x 9.02' Size 4: 7.86 x 11.87' Submitter diver361 Submitted 10/04/2018 Category Christmas
  15. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 3.76 x 3.90'
  16. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 6.46 x 7.32'
  17. Version Available formats: dst,


    One-color design of the hockey team player for fans of the winter power sport. Embroidery on the jacket of a young hockey player. Size: 2.98 x 3.86'
  18. Version : dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.94 x 12.18'
  19. Two roosters free embroideyr design View File Size: 7.20 x 4.33' Submitter ramages Submitted 09/13/2015 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs
  20. Two geishas cross stitch free embroidery design View File Size: 7.94 x 12.18' Submitter lone Submitted 11/12/2015 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs
  21. Little angel cross stitch free embroidery design 3 View File Size: 6.46 x 7.32' Submitter test5 Submitted 01/07/2017 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs
  22. Snowman cross stitch free embroidery design 5 View File Size: 3.76 x 3.90' Submitter test5 Submitted 12/10/2016 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs
  23. View File Strange Snowman cross stitch free embroidery design Size: 7.09 x 11.20' Submitter test5 Submitted 11/12/2016 Category Christmas
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