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  1. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    For lovers of oriental themes in machine embroidery. The project is large and perfect for a sofa cushion. Add hieroglyphs or lotus flowers to create a great composition. Size: 5.44 x 7.18'
  2. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 7.36 x 10.59'
  3. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 5.13 x 7.59'
  4. I bought the cd machine embroidery designs geishas from Orpheus included was the geisha with flower ,my computer had a break down and I can not recover it, as I have already paid for it I wonder if you assist in this . kind regards
  5. Geisha have always led me into raptures. They are so beautiful, well-groomed, little mysterious. Just look how beautiful this embroidered Geisha. This embroidery design is a great gift to the person who is interested in the East. Buy the design Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  6. If you want to give something from clothes, but that it does not look somehow simple and trivial, you can embroider any thematic picture or coat of arms with initials on it. Buy this design Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  7. Oriental ornaments are very popular for decoration of home interiors for many years. If you like it and want to use it in your home you may be interested in this Geisha with Hairpin embroidery design. It is good for decoration of towels, bed linen or other textile elements in your interior. This picture may give sophistication to the whole composition in bathroom or bedroom and make you calm and relaxing.
  8. In our collection of designs there are magnificent examples of embroideries in oriental style, they will become a worthy decoration of your interior. Buy this design Modern Geisha with Flower embroidery design
  9. Decorative pillow can become a fashionable and original decoration of your living room; you just need to choose a fashionable embroidery design for it. Buy this design Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  10. From ancient times, women decorated towels and clothing the embroidery. But modern women are too busy and they have no time for embroidering. Well, what today there are machine embroidery, which will always help to all those who like things with embroidery. Buy this design Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  11. This is very beautiful embroideries in the oriental style - lovely geishas. In such embroidery is impossible not to fall in love. Buy this design Geisha with Fan embroidery design 2, Geisha with Umbrella embroidery design, Geisha with Umbrella embroidery design 2, Geisha with Hairpin embroidery design, Geisha embroidery design 4, Geisha embroidery design
  12. Decorative pillow with bright embroidery in oriental style will be a wonderful decoration of your living room. Buy this design Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  13. Charming geisha is a bright idea for embroidery. This colorful embroidery perfectly complement your jacket or any other item of clothing. Buy this design Geisha with Small Butterfy embroidery design
  14. I stitched out this lovely lady a few years ago, She is hanging in my bed room. I don't know how i did it but it turned out lovely. I have been looking for my color sheet but will have to figure out the colors for her face from new. Available here Geisha with Hieroglyphic embroidery design
  15. Embroidery by hand is very interesting, but very long. Well, now there is machine embroidery. With it, do embroidery easily, quickly and conveniently. Find this design Geisha machine embroidery design
  16. On this picture you see almost ready embroidery sample based on oriental motives. Oriental woman free embroidery design is already done. Its author just needs to remove it from hoop and iron. Pleas pay your attention on original fabric chosen as background for this work piece. It underlines light and elegant character of embroidery sample and serves as original addition for this picture.
  17. This embroidered picture of traditional Japanese geisha is almost ready: the author just need to remove it from the hoop and iron. used for this picture is looking very expressively on the beautiful purple color which reminds the shade of burgundy wine. The image shows all the famous details of the geisha’s portrait — from blue sticks in her hair dress to the pose of folded hands.
  18. Red lips and white skin, quiet disposition, sensuality and temptation ... What do you know about the habits and habits of Japanese geishas who drive men crazy with one meek look? For four centuries, girls in traditional kimono remained the main mystery of Asia. Geisha with Hairpin machine embroidery design Wonderful decorative element. An exquisite image of a Japanese girl brought eastern notes to the interior. Embroider a geisha on a decorative pillow, bedspread, curtains, bath towels. The original embroidery will decorate a terry or silk dressing gown.
  19. There is an excellent example of oriental ornament shows the face of young Japan geisha with complex hairstyle decorated by two hairpins in traditional style. Beautiful girl with bright makeup is dressed in kimono of blue color with white polka dot. It is Geisha with Hairpin machine embroidery design which is used on the terry surface of gentle peach color which underline the softness and attractiveness of her young face.
  20. Version : dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.94 x 12.18'
  21. Two geishas cross stitch free embroidery design View File Size: 7.94 x 12.18' Submitter lone Submitted 11/12/2015 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs
  22. View File Geisha free embroidery design 3 Size: 7.36 x 10.59' Submitter test5 Submitted 05/11/2015 Category Oriental embroidery design
  23. View File Oriental woman free embroidery design For lovers of oriental themes in machine embroidery. The project is large and perfect for a sofa cushion. Add hieroglyphs or lotus flowers to create a great composition. Size: 5.44 x 7.18' Submitter cousette31 Submitted 11/24/2014 Category Oriental
  24. View File Geisha free embroidery Size: 5.13 x 7.59' Submitter Carol1950 Submitted 01/26/2014 Category Oriental embroidery design
  25. From the album: Orfeus project

    Advertising material for Creative Embroidery magazine (Austraila). Presented by Orfeus trademark (Australia Brisbane). Geisha machine embroidery collection

    © Denisov Embroidery studio

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