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Foot Presser is not pressing correctly

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Hi All,
if anyone knows how to fix this issue? I have got a brother embroidery machine i.e. innovis 1500. I was doing embroidery on a cotton kind of fabric. There's nothing wrong with fabric, I have done on it before also. Everytime when the needle goes down to pick and tie thread from bobbin , it comes up being destroyed (becomes very thin as well as tangled). I have noticed that shoe for embroidery is not compeletly pressed down which causes the fabric to not being stable. Help it get fixed. Thanks
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I don't believe it is anything you are doing.  I have been having this same issue and have had my VE2200 in with the dealer for the first year and now with Brother for 4 months and so far they are unable to fix the machine.  I believe I have a lemon.  Do not settle on this problem.  

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