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I have the 300E and MB4. The MB4 somewhat is kind of love hate relationship. Sometimes want to kiss it and sometimes I feel to just shoot it. If you have any in home repair or maintenance technician for Janome then it goo or else I would avoid it because i do not know how to service the own machine.

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Its a hernia maker when you it move around.I had MB4 and was a good embroidery machine, but, it took quite long to thread. That the reason I had to sell it and I went back to 11000SE. Though you need to change thread for each color change, it is very easy. We all are used to threading machines, and we can easily do it without even looking properly. Think about 12000 or 15000. 

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Just how large a design you want, how much YOU want to pay, do you enjoy thread color changing a single needle machine. I had Brother 200 snoopy embroidery only machine in 90's, max sewing area 3.97 inches square. I discovered that the hoop size was very restrictive. At that time I was creating large (8 feet by 4 feet ) panels, now called as free motion embroidery, we used to call it a machine embroidery. I purchased a Toyota 350 ESP 12 needle machine, it was an absolute bliss. I could embroider big designs, the machine was restricted to 16 x 10.25 inch hoop, I did not have to change threads constantly, snip jumps, MC 10k did not have auto scissors.


Now I have Tajima TEMX C1501 15 needle machine, and in 2014 a single needle machine will also join it. 


I am looking at H9900, it is far than 10000. So think what its you want to do, will you use the machine every day, have house room , then carefully look at your budget.

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