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Giga Hoop for the Janome 9700, please advice

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You can actually do designs which are 8X10 if you've Digitizer (or Jr), and the design on the whole does not have a color running across both the "sides" of hoop. In otherwords, Digitizer must be able to understand where a cut so that it can make two designs from one-you would still have to stitch the half, rotate hoop, check alignment and stitch the another half. It requires some practice but can be done (and it's much cheaper than any new machine!)

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I'm not sure how you will manage to do the HoopSisters with the Giga hoop. I never found it easy to use with any design, but it was possible with the ones that come in the memory of the machine. I purchased a 50 design CD from Stitchitize and those seemed to work fine as well. My best success was if the design didn't have to match up with stitching on each side of the hoop. You couldn't see if it was a fraction off as nothing touched. Now the HoopSisters I've done meet is several places and I can't imagine trying to match up 168 squares like my present Feathered Star quilt. I suggest that you try just one square of your Dresden plate in a 5X5 and just see what it looks like - it might be nicer than you anticipate. Yes, you'll need to do many more squares to make it larger but it can still look very nice and you won't be nearly as stressed.

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Thank you alex ... your comparison between the Stitchitize and HoopSisters clicked like a light on me ... Hoopsisters means Designs in the Machine Embroidery, am I right? which have their own larger hoop. 


I don't know if it matters, but I was trying to do this Dresden in applique; not sure if that was understood or if it even matters. 


Anyways ... thanks response. Hopefully this works. Happy Sewing !! 

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