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Found 41 results

  1. jayne2000

    TRAINER free embroidery design

    Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Design of machine-made shoes with sports shoes. The original solution for sports uniforms. You can easily change the color. 4 X 4 PES
  2. This is the nice collage of nine embroidered pictures of funny cats. All of them are executed at the same manner which reminds the sketches made with the black pencil on the white surface of paper. In fact they are made with the black thread on the pieces of white fabric. Here you may find some interesting embroidery samples such as Drinking cat free embroidery design, Sneaky cat free embroidery design, Smoking cat free embroidery design, Funny cute cat free embroidery design, Running cat free embroidery design, Cat with a contrabass free embroidery design, Sassy mouse and cat free embroidery design and Unhappy cat with flowers free embroidery design.
  3. Author: Kay Eller ( Australia) Download Sneaky cat and cat free embroidery design Download Running cat free embroidery design Author comment: Still have to iron them. I am not sure if this meets the Christmas challenge but they are some gifts I am making for a very very dear friend who is a mad cat lady. I think the last count was 6 cats, mostly siamese but found a ring in hence my ring in. These are the free embroidery designs from Igor Denisov and they stitched out really well on my new Janome MC500e. love my new embroidery machine. The other free embroidery design is also one of their free sets and I have another three to stitch out, not sure what to do with them, maybe make place mats. NONE of my family are very Christmasy at all but I will sneak in a few things as I like to decorate the table. Anyway I like these as a fun gift for someone special. Free embroidery designs
  4. ekatreina

    Embroidered bags funny cats

    There are two textile embroidered bags of same design. Each of them has light body, top part with drawstring for tightening and funny sample on its front side. Left one is decorated with Sneaky cat free machine embroidery design. For right one its author chose Running cat free machine embroidery design. Together they create nice set for carrying necessary things or packing gifts.
  5. ekatreina

    Embroidered bags with funny cats

    There is funny set of embroidered bags made of light fabric. They are good to carrying some little necessary things or packing of gift for friends. You just need to be sure they have good sense of humor. In this case they can value nice choice of samples for decoration. They are Sneaky cat free machine embroidery design for left one and Running cat free machine embroidery design for right one.
  6. ekatreina

    Set of embroidered bags funny cats

    There are just finished embroidered textile bags of same design. Only difference between them is pictures used for decoration of its front side. For left one author used Sneaky cat free machine embroidery design. Right one Is embellished with Running cat free machine embroidery design. Both of them are parts of our JBLON embroidery collection. You may use these pictures or other samples for your work piece.
  7. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 6.41 x 4.89'
  8. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes,


    Size: 10.31 x 7.72'
  9. Hi everyone - I'm new to embroidery. I did some running-stitch tests on a piece of leather, and I noticed that every single time the bottom stitch comes out nicely, while the topstitch looks like one straight line. What can I do to improve the quality? In the attached picture, the very fist and last running stitches are the "top stitch". The center stitching was when I turned the leather upside down and sewn it - so what you're seeing is the bottom-stitch. Thanks for the help!
  10. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 7.09 x 8.74'
  11. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 3.61 x 5.24'
  12. This embroidery sample is almost ready: author just need to free it from hoop and use iron. This picture is executed on base of Running cat free machine embroidery design. It is funny image from our JBLON collection of embroideries which shows cats in different situations. It shows very busy cat which is hurrying up to do all things it planned for today.
  13. Hi Everyone, I am looking for affordable software that will allow me to Digitize Running Stitches from designs I make in Adobe Illustrator. I did a litle bit of testing in Embrilliance StitchArtist, however a price tag of approx $500 USD turned me off. I read some threads here about cheaper software, but I wanted to hear your experienced perspective before I go ahead and download 10 Trials of every different software. All I will ever do are Running Stitches. I just want them to look pretty and have the ability to edit them. Best would be if I could convert existing images/vector files into stitches. Thanks
  14. View File Poppies free embroidery design 10 Size: 7.09 x 8.74' Submitter lone Submitted 11/08/2014 Category Flowers free machine embroidery designs  
  15. View File MOUSE RUNNING PES 4X4 MOUSE RUNNING JEF.jef Submitter jayne2000 Submitted 04/03/2018 Category Cartoon free embroidery designs  
  16. jayne2000


    Version 1.0.0


  17. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Multiple sizes
  18. View File TRAINER free embroidery design 4X4 PES Submitter jayne2000 Submitted 03/14/2018 Category Sport  
  19. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 9.66 x 10.88" Author: mleonid
  20. View File Collar free embroidery design 3 Size: 9.66 x 10.88" Author: mleonid Submitter test5 Submitted 08/11/2017 Category Decoration free embroidery designs  
  21. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 4.19 x 4.27"
  22. Redwork decoration free embroidery design 11 View File Size: 6.87 x 0.64" Submitter test5 Submitted 04/06/2017 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs  
  23. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 6.87 x 0.64"
  24. View File Blue flowers free embroidery design 12 Size: 4.19 x 4.27" Submitter test5 Submitted 04/06/2017 Category Flowers free machine embroidery designs  
  25. View File Two white horses photo stitch free embroidery design Size: 7.72 x 10.31' Author: Koma Submitter test5 Submitted 02/11/2017 Category Photo stitch embroidery designs